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The standard CLAAS C 900 to C 370 cutter bars guarantee excellent cutting quality when harvesting cereals.

Thanks to a fixed apron, they are easy to use, have absolute reliability and help to maximize the performance of your combine

  • 1) claw reel
  • 2) cutter bar
  • 3) feed screw
  • 4) conveyor
  • 5) stone collector
  • 6) drummer
  • 7) concave
  • 8) shakers
  • 9) grain table
  • 10) fan
  • 11) upper grille
  • 12) lower grille
  • 13) otons
  • 14) recycling of otons
  • 15) grain auger
  • 16) grain hopper
  • 17) straw chopper
  • 18) driver's cab
  • 19) motor

  • MCS Plus - Multi Crop Separator Plus
    The system subjects the product to a forced separation action and can be retracted completely in the case of delicate products with friable straw. This promotes the formation of abundant and aerated swaths, which is the ideal condition for the efficiency of the successive phases of harvesting and conditioning the straw. The change from a more aggressive to a more delicate threshing system can be done several times a day, electrically.

    Thanks to the independent electric adjustment system of the front and rear part of the concave, the combine quickly adapts to different types of product in all conditions. The adjustment is simply done from the cab.

    Systematic use of ORIGINAL CLAAS parts optimizes the safe use of CLAAS machines. Our spare parts are in fact perfectly matched, high-quality series parts, resulting from a modern manufacturing process and subject to permanent quality controls. In addition, the parts specialists and service technicians of our partners know these parts by heart, which allows a reliable exchange, even when time is of the essence. For professionals, the thing is clear: quality always pays off.

    Filters: More than 500 lungs
    The air filter cleans over 40,000 liters of air per minute. 500 human lungs would be needed to clean the same amount of air. The conditions for such performance are an efficient paper filter, ingenious folding and absolute precision. Fortunately, ORIGINAL CLAAS filters are tested in real conditions during their design. Thus, not only do they keep dust away from the engine, but also reduce fuel consumption.

    Around the world in 14 days
    With an engine power of 830 hp., The twin belt of the CLAAS moves at a speed of approx. 116 km / h. During a harvest season with 350 hours, it therefore covers some 40,000 km. Without a break, she could achieve the equivalent of a world tour in 14 days. Homogeneous advancement is then required. And sensitivity to oil or heat is not allowed. Fortunately, CLAAS 'precise specifications and continuous quality controls allow it to reach its goal without a hitch.

    With DOMINATOR, CLAAS has developed the ideal self-propelled combine harvester for small and medium-sized farms. Those who want to harvest just at the right time. Those which minimize the weather risk by making themselves independent of others. Who need a compact and agile combine perfectly suited to their fields and plots. And who - marriage of heart and reason - wish to complete their family with a machine from a well-known family business and not of a large anonymous group. The DOMINATOR series includes three models:

  • The classic DOMINATOR 130 with its continuous mechanical transmission.
  • The DOMINATOR 140 with hydrostatic drive.
  • The DOMINATOR 150 with a larger hopper and a more powerful engine.